What People are Sayin’ About the 10 Day Sex Challenge

Brad and Kate say . . .

Some you have heard about our 10 Day Sex Challenge and are wondering what others who have taken the challenge experienced. Since this is our 5th annual challenge, we thought it would be good to share some stories and comments from other couples who have tried the challenge. Don’t just take our word for it that the 10 Day Sex Challenge is a great way to grow intimacy in your marriage! The challenge starts February 14th!  Here is what our OFM readers have shared.

“My husband and I did this challenge last year and we’re so glad we did. I think back on it with lots of smiles and laughter too. We can’t wait to do it again this year =) No matter where you are in your marriage with intimacy issues, this is a great challenge for you to help strengthen your marriage or make a strong marriage even stronger. Have fun!”

“We’re in! We joined the challenge last year and it was so good for every part of our marriage.”

“We are definitely in! In fact, last year we even did an extra 10 day challenge of our own in August and this year we hope to do it quarterly! We have yet to actually hit all 10 days for any of the challenges but they have been a wonderful experience for us WAY beyond just having sex. It has opened my bride’s eyes to physical ability that she didn’t think she had and shown her that I do become a better person when not stressed about sex.

The first year it helped me “fill my bucket” emotionally to get through the lack of sex that was in our marriage then. But as our marriage has improved I have seen real growth in myself during the challenges beyond the sexual.

To those who say their spouse will never agree to it: my heart goes out to you. A few years ago I would have thought the same about my bride. I’ve been in that pit. Thankfully, God can overcome anything. It has been, and will continue to be, a long road for us, but we are finally walking it together.”

“This will be our third round with your 10 day challenge. All our patterns and routines got out of whack through the holidays and we still haven’t gotten back on track. I’m looking forward to it! Whenever I remind hubby it’s time for the 10 day challenge, he grins.”

“What a stretch! I am so happy due to the accomplishment. And as a man the bragging rights actually mean a lot to me. The bonding with my wife was unique in a very new and fulfilling way to me. The 10 day challenge spurred many conversations. It exposed selfishness’s in favor of and against the 10 day challenge. I feel that we have both been affected physically, emotionally, and spiritually, with great growth. I feel it caused significant closeness to both one another as well as God. We ended up the majority of this thing with wicked chest cold / flu symptoms starting day two! We are still suffering even though we’re on the mend. Last night I think my wife finally actually had her feelings her hurt with my eagerness to partake. I am excited to talk with her in the coming year about the pros and cons of the 10 day challenge. And I know we both eagerly look forward to next year being much more elevated on the ROMANTIC aspects rather than being in a survival / medicinal sex mode  regardless I know we are both so glad we made it. We have a very active sex life. But I do think 10 days in a row is rare for us. Thank you Brad and Kate. And thank you God for this experience with the woman I adore.”

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“We’ve had a blast! Been rough going a few days, but we are still two days from the finish. Thank you so much for providing daily scriptures for us to share in the evening. We’ve enjoyed the challenges, some more than others. The challenge has brought us closer, and I look forward to the work God is still doing in our marriage. To Him be the glory!!”

“We love this “challenge.” We did it last year too,..and pretty much every week since then. We have a 9 month old and I’m 27 weeks pregnant. I saw your comment about being careful or you might end up with kids a year apart..yup, it’s true!”

“We found the 10 Day Challenge last year/ mid year. We did the challenge on our own anyway and it was incredibly good for our marriage. We are back on board with you this year too and we’re looking forward to it!”

“Thanks so much for this 10 Day challenge. It was a challenge (I believe that was the point LOL) at times but it really helped us gain intimacy and so much more!”

“I just read about your 10 Day challenge this past Sunday, so my husband and I started it then. We are busy, but it is nice to “make” time to be with each other in a loving way. We are on day 6. It is a bit challenging to not let the day slip away, and we are hoping to start a new “habit” of carving time out of each day for each other. Thank You.”

“So now that this challenge is over, am I the only one pregnant? This will be our second child, and we are very excited! The timing of the challenge really worked out well for us.”

Every day during the challenge, we will share a tip or idea for you all.  Some may be new and some we have mentioned in previous years.  It is just something to keep you thinking and seeking your spouse during the challenge.  We will also share a scripture daily, that you can read together!

Two great post to check out from one of our previous challenges are:

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Any Questions or thoughts as we get ready for the Valentine’s Day kick off of the 2015 10 Day Challenge??

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