Becoming a Wife Unveiled

Kate says . . .

It doesn’t take much for me to be transported back to that young bride of 22 who has only been married for about a year. A young wife who deeply wanted to have the marriage she had hoped and yet was struggling. Sex being the biggest part of that struggle.

I very much wanted to desire my husband and at the same time struggled with desire. I felt deeply broken, I felt like something was wrong with me. We were so super charged and ready before we got married, what was wrong with me? The darkness threatened to overwhelm me every day.

I was that women, broken in darkness and feeling completely alone. Isolated and putting on a good “marriage game” face when I had to.unveiled wife

We were two people who loved God and wanted Him to be our everything in marriage. And yet we felt so alone. Both individually and together as a couple struggling with sex in our marriage. It was not the only thing we struggled with, but because of the struggle for intimacy-every other struggle was magnified.

It is when I read another marriage story so similar to our own, that my heart cries out – “we were (are) not alone.” There are so many other couples out there struggling just as we were. The reasons may be slightly different, but also strikingly similar.

Jennifer Smith of the Unveiled Wife Blog has just published her story and it was an amazing read. The Unveiled Wife: Embracing Intimacy with God and Your Husband mirrored so much of our own struggle and journey to One Flesh. I am always so thankful when more people stand up and share their struggle as well as how they have been broken from the heart outward.

Jennifer shares of the struggle with sex and intimacy that she and her husband shared for the first few years of their marriage. It is real and raw and beautifully redemptive.

Thank you Jennifer and Aaron for being willing to openly share your journey in your marriage. Thank you for being warriors and sharing God’s amazing plan for marriage and sex.

Thank you for joining us and helping couples to know . . . “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!”

Not only is God with you and for you, there are others around you struggling as well. We as a church and community of believers can bring light into this darkness. We can see marriage change happen from the inside-out!

I hope you all will pick up a copy of Jennifer’s new book, “The Unveiled Wife”. Check out the book trailer below to hear Jennifer’s heart for living “unveiled”.

I am thankful again today as I read a marriage story similar to my own, that even though I know I am not alone-that God has reminded me once again! He is faithful.

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