First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

Brad & Kate say…

Over the past 6 years at One Flesh Marriage we’ve posted over 500 different marriage encouraging posts. Today, we want to share something a bit different. We want to let you know something that God has been doing in our family.

When we were married 16 years ago we knew we wanted a family. We were blessed 13 years ago when our first son was born. It was 3 years, and a lot of marriage growing later that our second baby, a girl this time, was born. Then a few months after her birth we felt called to start an adoption process which would turn into our longest “pregnancy” yet. 12 months later, our wonderful Ethiopian son was finally in our arms. That was 8 years ago.

A Lifetime of Prayers

When our daughter was five years old, she started praying for a sister. Whenever she would ask us about getting a sister, our quick answer to her was, “You can talk to God about that”. Periodically we would pray about the possibility, but never felt God telling us to move forward. Lily is now turning 10 and she’s been praying all this time. Several weeks ago, she asked us, “Has God talked to you about my sister yet?” With this declaration we decided that it was time to seriously pray about God’s will for this girl who Lily was convinced would be coming soon.Jamaican hands

No Baby Carriage Coming to THIS House!

After a lot of prayer and consideration we have decided to start another adoption process, this time for a girl from Jamaica. The beautiful people and lands of Jamaica hold a special place our hearts, and we are very excited to welcome this vibrant culture into our lives. It is going to be a long process, but we are really excited about the journey! We know that God already has a little 5 to 9-year-old girl pick out for us, ready to find her forever family.

We are ready for her too, but it is a long and expensive process to bring her home. That is why we are asking for your help.

Opening Doors

We want to ask you, our OFM family to join us in this journey. We are going to need a lot of prayers and a lot of support!

The adoption process with Jamaica is a bit different from other international adoptions. Instead of working with an in-country agency as an intermediary, we will be working directly with the Jamaican government. While this has significant advantages in terms of decreasing costs, it means we will be the ones calling the Jamaican government to check on paperwork and help move things through the process. So we will need your prayers!!!!

In addition, if you are able we would love your support of our journey financially. The costs of adoption are significant, and we could really use your help to open the doors.

A Puzzle Piece Fundraiser

Will you consider being a piece of the puzzle? We are searching for 500 people who are willing to donate $20 to help us complete this puzzle. For every donation of $20, one puzzle piece will added to complete the picture and help us meet our goal. On the back of each puzzle piece we will write your name, and our family will pray for you as we add your piece to the puzzle. The finished puzzle with then hang in our new daughter’s room.

If you are interested in donating we’ve started a YouCaring page where you can donate, and follow along with our journey!

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement and support!


Brad & Kate

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2 Responses to First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…

  1. What a wonderful post!! Your daughter was persistent in prayer!! We have several families in our church that have adopted and that are adopting. I’m excited to read about your journey and privileged to pray. Your ministry has blessed me so much!!