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Valentine’s Day & the 10 Day Challenge

Kate and Brad say . . .

So, many of you have been asking about the 2016 OFM 10 Day Challenge. We haven’t forgotten you all nor the challenge. We are grateful for all the support and encouragement for the challenge.

On this Valentine’s Day

We would love to do the challenge again this year, but to be honest (and I hope we always are) we simply have not had time to organize it like we usually do. We like to have fun, give away prizes and encourage you all on your Valentine'sDay&The 10 Day Challenge (1)journey. So instead of doing the challenge like we have in the past, we are encouraging you all to pick a date and start the challenge on your own as a couple.

In this post will be a compilation of some of our posts we have done throughout the many 10 Day Challenges. Set a date and don’t let anything stop you from taking the challenge. The challenge to make sex and intimacy a priority for 10 days in a row. Therefore being open to what God has to show you through sex with your spouse. It is more than a challenge, it is Giving of yourself and to your spouse no matter where you are and how you feel about sex.

Both overemphasizing and under emphasizing sex in marriage will both cause a world of hurt and damage. Instead seek to ask God to show you his good plan for sex over the years together with your spouse. We hope you will consider setting a date and taking the challenge together. Here’s hoping that we will have more time to plan the 2017 challenge! Continue Reading